Can hyperbaric oxygen Therapy mobilize stem cells?

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Stem cells, like the seeds of life, are self-renewing and regenerating multifunctional cells. Under certain conditions, it can differentiate into a variety of functional cells, which have the ability to repair various tissue functions and regenerate organs, and is called "universal cell" by the medical community.

In 2006, American scholars found that after 20 times of hyperbaric oxygen therapy, the human body mobilized stem cells more than 8 times of normal pressure. The study involved patients and healthy volunteers. The proportion of CD34 cells in the patient population increased eightfold from 0.20±0.05% before the first HBO treatment to 1.58±0.27% after the 20th HBO treatment. The three paramedics who assisted patients in the high-pressure chamber (they were breathing air rather than pure oxygen) did not observe an enhancement of circulating CD34 cells at 2.0ATA. But their exposure to oxygen at 2 ATA increased stem cells threefold, and their response to a single hyperbaric oxygen exposure was significantly stronger than that of the patients.

The above studies suggest that stem cells with the potential for multidirection differentiation can be mobilized from bone marrow and adipose tissue, enter the bloodstream, and migrate to peripheral sites where they may contribute to injury recovery under hyperbaric oxygen. Of course, this is just one manifestation of the use of hyperbaric oxygen in medicine. In fact, hyperbaric oxygen also has great health benefits in the civilian sector.

Oxygen is the source of life, scientific intake of hyperbaric oxygen is of great benefit to health. It is believed that with the increase of production of high quality civil hyperbaric oxygen chamber, more people will enjoy high quality healthy oxygen life.