Hyperbaric oxygen therapy for long-term symptoms of COVID-19 infection

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Now many people have been infected with the novel coronavirus. After experiencing high fever, sore throat and sore muscles, they enjoy a healthy life. However, many people worry that the symptoms will not improve or even be left over for a long time, which will affect their life and work.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy can actually help you stay healthy.


What are the therapeutic mechanisms of hyperbaric oxygen for COVID-19 infection?

1. Improve hypoxemia: Compared with atmospheric oxygen treatment, hyperbaric oxygen overcomes the influence of pulmonary ventilation dysfunction in the hypoxemia caused by the novel coronavirus infection. It not only significantly improves the physical dissolution amount of oxygen in the body, but also increases the diffusion distance and diffusion rate of oxygen, reduces the permeability of pulmonary capillaries, reduces alveolar exusion and pulmonary edema, and further improves the pulmonary ventilation and ventilation function.

2. Reduce inflammation: hyperbaric oxygen can inhibit inflammation, reduce oxidative stress, and reduce the occurrence of severe interstitial pneumonia. For COVID-19 patients with bacterial infection, hyperbaric oxygen therapy can effectively inhibit the reproduction of anaerobic bacteria and aerobic bacteria, promote the phagocytosis ability of white blood cells, enhance the immune function of the body, and reduce the viral load of COVID-19, which can be used as an auxiliary treatment against infection.

3. Protect vital organs such as heart and brain: most moderate and severe patients infected with COVID-19 are complicated with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and are more sensitive to hypoxia. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy can improve oxygen supply to organs such as heart and brain, increase oxygen reserves, reduce tissue edema and exusion, improve microcirculation, promote nerve regeneration, and slow tissue atrophy of denervation effector.

4. Improve psychological disorders such as anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress: some patients with COVID-19 may be accompanied by long-term symptoms such as anxiety, depression, attention disorder, fatigue, cognitive decline, etc., which can be effectively improved by hyperbaric oxygen treatment.

The clinical practice and research of a domestic hospital confirmed that hyperbaric oxygen has an obvious role in improving the long-term symptoms of COVID-19.