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Everyone has the desire for beauty, but age, like time, is one-way and irreversible. It will eventually reflect the internal health of the body and the external skin condition. With the enhancement of people's anti-aging consciousness, the anti-aging way is more and more diversified, people's anti-aging choice is more and more wise, understand the power of science and technology and knowledge to help themselves to achieve the effect of "internal and external repair"

In 2020, Israeli scientists did a study, which lengthens the telomeres of human cells and rejuvenates cells, which makes people see a new means with anti-aging potential - hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Participants were adults 64 years of age and older living independently, in good functional and cognitive status, and free of pathological cognitive decline. After 3 months of hyperbaric oxygen therapy, they found that elastic fiber length, stability and collagen fiber density increased, and had a large effect size, which had a positive effect on the number of blood vessels and aging cells. So why does hyperbaric oxygen play a role in slowing aging?

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy has two main mechanisms: angiogenesis and reduction of cell senescence. Reduced tissue perfusion or blood supply is associated with skin aging. Studies have found that hyperbaric oxygen therapy can induce angiogenesis and increase dermal blood vessels. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy induced angiogenesis may have a significant effect on photoaging and exogenous skin aging. Second, intrinsic skin aging is related to cellular senescence, in which the cell cycle of fibroblasts, melanocytes and other cells is blocked. The main drivers of aging include telomere shortening, as well as other non-telomere DNA damage. Israeli scientists demonstrated that HBOT induces peripheral blood senescent cell clearance and telomere elongation. With more blood vessels in the dermis, more nutrients can be supplied to the dermis and epidermis. In addition, the skin has fewer senescent cells, which makes it easier for the skin to stay in good condition.