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HTOB can quickly eliminate the accumulated lactic acid and ammonia. After exercise, the body will produce lactic acid and ammonia, which are fatigue products. By increasing the partial pressure of oxygen through hyperbaric oxygen, we can promote the elimination of its metabolism. The second is to antagonize the damage of free radicals to the body. After a lot of exercise, the body will produce a lot of free radicals. The application of hyperbaric oxygen therapy can remove free radicals and promote the structural integrity of cell membrane.

Some athletes, such as British soccer player David Beckham and American swimmer Michael Phelps, all use hyperbaric oxygen as an auxiliary therapy for sports fatigue recovery and sports injury relief. In super sports, if recovery takes a long time, hyperbaric oxygen can eliminate tissue congestion and recessive edema in a short time. Especially the physical athletes, especially the athletes with collision, tissue injury, congestion, edema, timely application of hyperbaric oxygen can produce immediate results.

In the recovery period after exercise, hyperbaric oxygen can improve the metabolism in the body, eliminate fatigue substances, improve the internal environment and quickly eliminate all kinds of discomfort caused by exercise on the body, so that the changes in the body after exercise can be restored to normal level in a short time, reduce the stimulation of exercise on the body, avoid excessive fatigue, prevent sports injuries and restore physical fitness; Hyperbaric oxygen increases oxygen partial pressure in tissues, promotes rapid regeneration of fibroblasts and capillaries, forms neovascularization network, reduces tissue bleeding and exudation, alleviates local edema, and improves microcirculation. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy penetrates into tissues through high pressure oxygen, effectively reduces soft tissue swelling, reduces pain caused by ischemia, and promotes ligament injury, fracture repair and wound healing.

In short, hyperbaric oxygen chamber therapy has the advantages of improving oxygen content in the body, restoring physical strength, improving sleep, awakening skin vitality, accelerating wound healing, relieving pressure and so on for sports lovers